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The most recent Case-Shiller index of 20 cities shows home prices rising at the fastest rate in nine years. However, by and far most remain at levels below what they were before the recession. The fact is that nationally, home prices average 13.5% below their high values before the real estate market bust.

It will be some time before these house values fully recover. While 2013 saw average price increases of 10%, prices are only expected to rise an average of 3% to 5% during 2014. Another fact is that not all regions of the country are playing by the same rules. Texas in particular has realized and continues to see substantial increases in residential house prices.

Some cities are recovering faster than others are. Here are the top seven major

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A quitclaim deed allows property owners to transfer whatever interest they may have in a specific piece of real estate. As opposed to a warranty deed, it does not offer any guarantees that the owner has good title or even ownership at all; it simply conveys whatever interest exists at the time of the deed’s signing. Once buyers accept it, they are left with little to no recourse against the former owner. This lack of protection generally makes a quitclaim deed unsuitable for purchasing real estate from an unknown party.

Yet, a quitclaim deed is fully sufficient to convey property in other circumstances, such as transfers between family members or spouses. For example, in case of divorce, a spouse can quit claim to his or her interest in the property;

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A Study from Real Estate analysts at Redfin have found that eight real estate markets across the U.S. are reversing the trend of declining home sales four of which reside in Texas.  With San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin joining Raleigh, Portland, Seattle and Denver on the list. Citing strong job and population growth and cost of living as critical factors in all markets high demand and increasing home values.

Anyone currently shopping for a home knows Austin's real estate is red-hot. Properties are often sold just days — or sometimes hours — after they are listed. Redfin notes that houses in Austin spent an average of just 26 days on the market in February before they were purchased, a crazy decline from the 40-day average just over a year ago.

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The impending royal visit to Australia by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and young Prince George reminds us of another royal visit made by Prince William in 1983 when he was eight months old. On that occasion his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, accompanied him. 

Back then the UK property market, along with that of much of the Western World, was in much the same state as it is now – climbing out of a recession. The boom years of the late 1980s were yet to come. 

A great deal has happened in the property market over the past thirty years. Quite apart from two recessions - including the global financial crisis of 2007 and its aftermath - the picture has changed dramatically. Back then the average price for a home was just under £50,000 (that’s…
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Horse Tales Literacy Project, formerly Black Stallion Literacy Project, is a National literacy non-profit, award winning, organization founded in 1999 whose mission is to help motivate high-risk students to develop a love of reading and thereby enhance their education and life.  It was started by Tim Farley, the son of Walter Farley, author of the Black Stallion series of books, and Mark Miller, owner of the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater in Orlando, Florida.  It has served over 650,000 children since its inception.

This will be the sixth year that the Austin group has brought the program to Austin Independent School District (AISD) schools and currently work with first grade students at nine AISD elementaries. Thus far Austin has served over 4,000

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