Selling A Home

Selling a home

With a little preparation, you can reap the highest price possible when selling your home.

We have compiled a list of steps for home sellers in Austin, that can help ensure your real estate sells quickly and at the best price.

Tips For Home Sellers:

    • Hiring a professional real estate agent is the first step to a smooth, successful sale. A good agent will market your home to qualified potential buyers, stage it for showing and price it appropriately. Browse a list of our agents.
    • Clean deep. A sparkling home appeals to buyers, and thoroughly cleaning your home (or having it cleaned) before selling real estate is an inexpensive yet high-impact way to prepare it for showing. Dust fan blades, light fixtures, air duct grills, ceilings and corners to clear out dust and cobwebs. Wipe down walls, clean windows and appliances, and scrub baseboards, trim and flooring. Clean and re-caulk the tubs, showers and sink areas where needed.
    • Cut the clutter. Clutter competes for the buyer's eye and can prevent them from appreciating the true charm of your home. Clear shelves and counters of knickknacks and clean out closets. This is a good time to gather and donate items that are no longer useful to you. Items to be kept can be boxed up and temporarily stored in a storage unit. (Don't clutter up the garage.)
    • Buyers will assume that chandeliers and light fixtures will convey to the new owner, so replace those you want to keep for yourself before listing your home for sale.
    • On the outside of your home: Clean window and door exteriors and trim. Trim bushes, add mulch where needed and freshen up flower pots with colorful plants (red makes people feel welcomed).
    • Clean and organize the garage. If you have a two-car garage, two cars should be able to fit into it.
    • Minimize highly personal items, such as family photos and keepsakes. Removing those items from view psychologically allows the buyer to envision his/her own personal items in the house.
    • Remove small valuables that are visible to visitors. Your agent can not be responsible for the actions of every client and agent who views your home. Lock up items such as jewelry, medications and firearms.

Questions about selling a home? We'll help you determine your unique home selling goals. Email us, or call: 1.800.282.3939.

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